Welcome, Marhabaan, Nǐ Hǎo, Hoşgeldiniz!


I am Mr. David Steele, an accomplished International Educator with over 15 years of experience. A developing and transformational leader with a proven track record of navigating the unique challenges of multi-cultural environments and international education systems. 

I have a Bachelors of Science in Human Ecology from The Ohio State University, a Masters of Education from Ashland University and currently finishing a Post Graduate Degree from Edinboro University. 

I am originally from Ohio, USA. I have lived and worked overseas for a decade. I am happily married with two energetic sons both born abroad.

I have a sincere passion for educating children and believe through teaching, I can truly reach the world, and impact it for good. 

My focus now transitions to leading and mentoring educators. Establishing and maintaining meaningful partnerships and relationships school-wide.

Teaching Philosophy

Teaching is an art form that takes many years to master, yet is impossible to truly perfect.  I once heard it said, that “the day teachers find themselves in a position where they can no longer improve their skills in the classroom, is they day they should retire from the profession.”

Teaching is also a profession, inclusive of experts in their field, who strive to grow in their abilities throughout their careers, as they impact the lives of many.  This impact is the reason I teach, the ultimate satisfaction that sustains me from year to year, school to school.  It is constant regardless of the age of my students, location of my school, or ability of the learners.  It is a longitudinal, multi-dimensional endeavour, where one not only impacts a life of a child, but the lives impacted by my students.  Through teaching, I can truly reach the world, and impact it for good.

As a teacher, I wear many hats, playing many roles that meet the direct needs of my students at any given time.  For some, I’m an audience, where they feel like they can be themselves, receiving the attention they need in a world that often ignores them.  For others, I’m a friend, who cares about their uniqueness, honestly guiding them through fun and lonely times throughout the school year.  I’m also a doctor, who covers wounds from recess, or assists them with that tooth that has been dangling for days, or counsels them through fights with their closest friend.  Others, I’m a Father figure, showing them an example of what a successful leader looks like, as their own Father abandoned them years before.  Being a teacher is not an easy role, nor does the job description do it justice.  Yet the effects I have on students are lasting, meaningful, and truly mould children into capable individuals who are ready for the world around them.  And every changed life I impact is worth every bit of effort required of me.

If you haven’t begun to see my philosophy of teaching, I’ll get to the point:  It’s about the kids!


I treat every student I meet as a unique individual, just waiting for the opportunity to discover how great they really are.  That’s my job description.  It doesn’t matter where they are from, what they look like, how their mind works, or even if they like me or not. I care about them from day one, and it’s that dedication and passion for the student that allows me to do anything and everything I can to meet their academic, social, and emotional needs.

After many years in the classroom, I am still not done growing as an educator.  I am now transitioning into leadership roles, where I can inspire others to place their focus on the kids with the same enthusiasm I have.  Perhaps I will have the opportunity to work with you someday to make some pretty amazing art with the students’ lives!

Leadership Philosophy

I believe that a school is only as strong as its commitment to strive towards a shared vision for the success of all learners.  This overarching ideology or set of goals must be inspired by the school’s leaders, ratified by the leaders and educators, and adopted by all partners in the learning community, in order for there to be success throughout the school.  The schools vision must be both learning and growth-centered, for students and educators alike, and be clearly communicated to all staff, parents, and students throughout the organization. Each member of this learning community must understand how their role fits into the vision, and be enabled and motivated by leadership to strive for consistency in meeting their expectations.

As a school leader, I see the importance of building leadership capacity in my staff, empowering capable educators to share their success stories with others, and mentor one another as lifelong learners.  As a leader, I am also a facilitator, providing opportunities for teachers to collaborate, encourage, and challenge one another with a goal of using best-practice in the classroom. This includes multiple internal and external professional development activities throughout the year, utilizing the expertise within our building, as well as learning from professionals from other organizations.  School leaders also must be organized, managers of time and resources, and be able to model by example daily expectations to all staff. This requires me to lead with integrity, persistence, and impartiality, when working with a diverse and multi-talented educational team.

School leaders are also a representative to the community, providing confidence in the minds and hearts of invested parents, local businesses, and other regional entities.  Leaders ensure them that the members of the educational team are both capable and successful, and that the students’ safety and learning potential will be reached. This involves maintaining rigorous learning expectations throughout the school, ensuring all educators are on the same page, regarding curriculum compliance.  It also establishes codes of conduct, and safety protocols and behavioural systems that protect all within the school from both internal and external threats. Leaders are also positive communicators, keeping multi-directional understandings of expectations, and relaying these desires and requirements to both school and community members.

As a school leader, I believe members of the learning team should enjoy being at school. Just as students should feel encouraged to have their niche in their his or her classroom, teachers and staff also need to be warmly invited into an inclusive environment.  In order to achieve this, I will strive to nurture their professionalism, utilizing their abilities and molding their weaknesses through peer-learning. I will recognize each educator as a professional, and not simply an employee, and work to establish a team-mindset throughout my school.  And as I expect my team to maintain their lifelong learner attitude, I too will continuously look to grow as a professional, learning from others how to better lead.

What Parents Say

"Mr. Steele provides quick responses and appropriate actions when needed."

"Mr. Steele took videos sometimes to let parents know the math concept he taught in class. It helps parents to have follow-up revision with kids. He always does more than what he needs to do!"

"Mr. Steele offers ways to encourage our kid in learning and setting goals. From the assignment and material he prepared, I can feel his patience with students in grasping new skills. Christian values are seen being practiced in the way he sets home room rules. We are really impressed with his effort in guiding the kids to create and write stories. He is an inspiring teacher, so full of energy. He is also quick to respond to our inquiries."

"If my kid does something wrong, Mr. Steele tells me via ClassDojo or asks my kid to reflect and write down the positives to solve the problem."

"Mr. Steele communicates well and in a timely manner. He lets us know what our kid does well and what areas needs improvement."

"Mr. Steele truly understands my child’s abilities and shares with me techniques to coach her."

"Mr. Steele provides frequent communication and improvement solutions for my kid. He understands kids well and tries to find remedy to help."

"Mr. Steele understands my child’s problems and encourages my family to overcome the problems."

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